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New winds in Estonian music

Estonia is near Finland, but Estonian and Finnish contemporary music differ considerably from one another. Composer Kalevi Aho has acquainted himself with Estonian music for instance at Estonian contemporary music seminars in 1995 and 1997 and observed that Estonian composers cannot be bracketed into the same categories as their Finnish colleagues.

Young Beethoven champion, Antti Siirala

Flying home from Vienna in June 1997, Antti Siirala had more than the usual collection of souvenirs in his hand luggage: the promise of a Bösendorfer grand piano! This was one of the rewards for winning the tenth International Beethoven Piano Competition, in addition to a money prize and a string of concert fixtures.

Esa-Pekka Salonen, the composer behind the conductor

"It may sound a bit crazy, but I actually think of myself more as a composer than a conductor. It just so happens that the conducting side has outweighed the composing," says Esa-Pekka Salonen in 1998.

“Can you teach composition… to a Chinaman by phone at 5 am?”

The title would appear to be hooked up to the concept of "music and language", or even "music as language". As it happens, this summer I have got into several lengthy debates on this particular issue, so let's continue in the same vein.
In Estonia, music is celebration

In Estonia, music is celebration

BY Antti Häyrynen The Estonian song festival is a concept whose history and significance cannot be assessed with conventional artistic criteria. Since the last century, the song festivals organized in Tallinn have been a demonstration of Estonian culture and national spirit whose power has been strongest at crucial turning points in the nations history. On...

Markus Maskuniitty nurtures the Finnish horn tradition – from Berlin

Brass music has its own centres in finland, though they manage to be about as far from each other in east-west terms as the country s geography will allow. The small northern Karelian town of Lieksa has for the past 18 summers hosted an annual music festival where the brasses are in the spotlight, while...