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In Search of a Lost Melody

For many decades, librarians have been compiling catalogues of the melodies or themes of musical works. In such a catalogue it is easy to discover that, e.g., the familiar sequence of musical pitches "G G G Eb" comes from (the starting phrase) of Beethoven's 5th symphony. But what if the theme is not remembered correctly...

Exporting popular Finnish music

In the course of the year 2000 Finnish popular music has made a dream come true: it has at last achieved a breakthrough on the international market. Bomfunk MC's, HIM and Darude are names that have this year crept to the top of the charts in a number of European countries.

The success story of the man who forged the Sampo

From the shadow of Sibelius, a quite different Finnish composer emerged. Uuno Klami regarded national subjects through the eyes of a humorist, without romanticizing, but he was also fascinated by exotism. As an orchestral virtuoso he was without parallel in Finland.

Finnish composers inspired by folk music

Although serious music is often looked upon as a clearly defined genre of its own, it has by no means remained immune to the influence of its surroundings. Composers have from time immemorial been spicing their works with ingredients borrowed from popular and folk music, and the Finns have been no exception in this respect....
Erkki Melartin - a symphonic composer of international stature?

Erkki Melartin – a symphonic composer of international stature?

It is finally time for Erkki Melartin to emerge from "the shadow of Sibelius", nearly 63 years after his death. Is Melartin a symphonic composer of international stature or merely one of those "harlots and their pimps", as Gustav Mahler termed the "national geniuses" in music?

The New Finnish Opera Boom

A superficial reason for the opera boom may be the composers' wish to celebrate the new millennium with a work of opera, the king of music genres. However, the boom also speaks of the current good financial situation, for operas are expensive, as is well known. Opera has also spread beyond the stages of the...