Yearly archive 2006

How Finnish classical music and musicians made it in America

In the summer of 1998, Americans watched the U.S. House of Representatives debate a proposal to eliminate all national arts funding - contentious issue that was wrapped up in the "controversial" art such funding supported as well as questions over the very idea of federal funding of the arts. Meanwhile, news reports began to tell...

Making it in the US – Finnish rock bands in America

Why have HIM and Hanoi Rocks been the only Finnish bands to make it in America? Sami Valkonen, a music industry veteran involved with rock bands on both sides of the Atlantic, debates the factors that make up a success story on the American market.

Music for life

Finland's music education has succeeded in combining the best features of the old Russian and Hungarian schools with the principles of the Nordic welfare state and democracy. Establishing a good relationship with music has become the basis of the new teaching methods. The audible result - quality - nevertheless continues to occupy a significant role....

The land of music playschools

Singing, playing games, listening, exercise, and playing instruments - these are the core activities of Finland's many music playschools. The schools are bustling with activity, for they have become very popular in recent years. Finland is a real land of music playschools.

Conductor Education in Finland

Between the mid 1970s and the early 1990s Professor Jorma Panula and his students made the Finnish training for conductors both widely known and highly acclaimed. But where did it all begin - and what has happened since?

Private funding keeps Finnish music festivals alive

Festivalisation has been a trend in Finnish musical life since the 1960s. As the number of festivals increase, more and more music events receive government aid, for Finland takes equality seriously. Public funding's share of festival budgets is on the decline, however, and it is not easy to find compensation in the form of support...

Brighter times ahead for Finnish orchestras

There are probably more orchestras, music schools and colleges and music festivals in Finland per head of population than in any other country in the world. Crucial to the development has been the Finnish Theatres and Orchestras Act, in which the state guarantees a certain number of person years for orchestras every year. The subsidy...
The String Quartet and a smell of warm buns

The String Quartet and a smell of warm buns

"Although I am not a string player myself, the string quartet is inextricably intertwined with my early musical life. Later on, my own string quartets, which appeared regularly at intervals of exactly 10 years, became milestones in my private and working life."

Ambitious young Meta4 from Finland: FIRST WE TAKE BERLIN

Victory in the Shostakovich Competition in 2004 was just the prelude for the Meta4 string quartet. Its young members now intend to give it their full attention and accordingly packed their bags at the beginning of this year and took up residence in Berlin. Storming Europe will be easier from there, and - at last...