Yearly archive 2008

The sound of silence – Editorial from FMQ 3/2008

"Western urban culture is a noise culture. Despite all futurist manifestos, the urban soundscape cannot be approached as only an aesthetic and musical phenomenon. The noise in our environment is also and primarily a result of the power that the technological, industrial, and commercial world has over us. Silence too has become a desired rarity...

Fortune’s fantasy (on Einojuhani Rautavaara)

Chance has played a great part in the life of Einojuhani Rautavaara, one of Finland's most highly acclaimed composers. He turned 80 this year, and continues to compose despite suffering a life-threatening aortic rupture in 2004.

Librettists in tune with the times

Themes in Finnish opera gradually became more diverse and international after the first opera boom in the early 20th century, when topics were primarily national. Opera became the scene of national aspirations in the 19th century. In many countries, not least its homeland, Italy, it was a means of expressing national ideals and of stressing unity....

Grassroots opera is all shook up

Beyond the great pillars of Finnish opera, the Finnish National Opera and the Savonlinna Opera Festival, there are regional operas, small professional companies and festivals that thrive despite a chronic shortage of money.

Festivals draw cultural tourists

Finland Festivals represented ten major events when it was founded 40 years ago. Since then it has grown into an umbrella organisation for over 80 festivals that tempt arts lovers to visit Finland.

Contemporary music finds new stages

The nature of contemporary Finnish music festivals is in transition. Festivals are adapting to the situation where they no longer are the only place to hear the latest in contemporary music. Each festival is now finding its own niche.