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25 years of the FMQ

25 years of the FMQ

It all began when Ellen Urho, then Rector of the Sibelius Academy, hit on the idea of launching a musical counterpart to Form Function Finland and Books from Finland, devoted to design, architecture and literature...

Looking backward, heading forwards – Editorial from FMQ 4/2009

"This issue rounds off the 25th year of the Finnish Music Quarterly, and we have deliberately adopted a similar strategy. While pausing to muse for a while on our history, we are nevertheless using the anniversary as a window affording a broader perspective of the past quarter-century in the history of Finnish music. Our aim...

Ecological music? – Editorial from FMQ 3/2009

"Ecological music is also about the way humans and the rest of nature interact with one another. But in practice, ecology in music can be realised in many different ways. Music can represent nature and people’s relationship with it in its words, libretti or in some other aspect of its content. During the Romantic Era,...
The hidden memory of the nation

The hidden memory of the nation

" All nations have an indigenous construct of 'popular music' which is largely unknown abroad. "

Finnish undertone – Editorial from FMQ 2/2009

"An old joke claims that you can get your wife back by playing a country record backwards. Playing a Finnish iskelmä record in reverse would definitely make this happen too. Additionally all worthless things would turn back to gold, and everything longed for would be present instead forever lost or far away."
Kalevi Aho: "Music must communicate"

Kalevi Aho: “Music must communicate”

For Aho, composing music is an inevitable way of contemplating existential questions and of taking responsability for what is happening in the world.