Yearly archive 2010

When jazz and rock came to Finland (on Kjell Westö)

Kjell Westö is an award-winning author whose books have been translated into several languages. But really he would like to be a musician. His historical novels are brimming with music, describing the arrival of jazz and rock in Finland.

An interview with a conductor – Susanna Mälkki

Conductor Susanna Mälkki is becoming bigger and bigger in Paris. And she is still only 41-years of age. Barely a grown-up in the masculine and patriarchic world of conducting.

Export, exchange, import – Editorial from FMQ 4/2010

"The critical left-wing side of me thinks the cultural export boom is just another symptom of the Western ideological climate, where everything is evaluated by economic standards. As a consequence cultural export could be seen more as a culture of export than an export of culture. Furthermore, the ideology demanding that everything (in this case,...

The tone of the north

The north is a regular theme in Finnish music. But it is also more. It is the main myth of the region’s inhabitants, an undertone that determines their thoughts and way of life. That is why the north can be heard in Finnish music even when it is not explicitly the theme.

Hearing the north – Editorial from FMQ 3/2010

"The north is one of the main facets of the cultural identities of countries such as Canada, Norway, and Finland. The north is a complex phenomenon with significant elements consisting of mythological beliefs and imagery, and it is continually referred to in discussions and negotiations about who we northerners are and how our countries and...

Songs across the pond – Them Bird Things

Them Bird Things are a Finnish band who perform American songs. Everything started when producer Will Shade introduced his wife-to-be Salla Day to the songs of Steve Blodgett and Mike Brassard. The band's story is one that praises the art of song and combines European strengths with American ones.
Järnefelt in a Wagnerian light

Järnefelt in a Wagnerian light

Armas Järnefelt is today principally known for two lovely miniatures: Preludi and Berceuse. Yet he was the composer of several extensive works who introduced a new, Wagnerian voice into Finnish music.

Image transforms music – Editorial from FMQ 1/2010

"Technological developments in the past century have made our listening habits more active and diverse. We westerners can today choose quite freely what we want to listen to as well as where and when the listening will be done. We can adjust the volume and tone of music as we feel fits the mood or...

Yoik on the road

Wimme Saari, one of the world's best-known Sámi performers, has made a powerful comeback after a long break away from the recording studio. His new album, Mun, contains less electronics than before, but there is still an element of trance involved. Wimme transports his listeners to another time and place.