FMQ (The Finnish Music Quarterly) has been a showcase in English for Finnish musical culture since 1985. It addresses all aspects of the Finnish music scene and keeps track of what is happening in Finland. Its theme issues have been devoted to various genres of Finnish music from classical to jazz, folk and popular music, and such topics as music education, the numerous Finnish summer festivals, and crossover between music and other arts.

Readers of the magazine will find information about Finnish music past, present and future in articles ranging from archaic poetry or medieval chant to the encounter of music with state-of-the-art technology. The magazine also carries news items and reviews of major new Finnish discs and books. The articles in the FMQ are written by experts on music both Finnish and foreign. In the course of its history the FMQ has also produced special issues in German, French and Swedish.

The FMQ is published by Music Finland. The partners are the Sibelius Academy, The Society of Finnish Composers and the Finnish Musicians’ Union. The magazine also receives a grant from the Finnish Ministry of Education.

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Editorial address:

Finnish Music Quarterly (FMQ) c/o Music Finland
Urho Kekkosen katu 2C
FI-00100 Helsinki Finland
Editorial email: fmq[at]

Editor in chief:

Anu Ahola (Ms)
Tel. +358 50 5690505


Hanna Isolammi (Ms)
Tel. +358 50 3034673

Financial coordination:





Timo Jaakola (Mr)

Editorial board

Kimmo Hakola – Chairman

Hanna Juutilainen

Lauri Kilpiö

Matti Nives

Elina Roms

Aarne Toivonen

Johanna Viksten


The Finnish Musicians’ Union

The Sibelius Academy

The Society of Finnish Composers